We believe in a great, powerful, yet loving God. Each of us comes into this world with an inbuilt need to know and relate to him. Someone has said that we each have a God shaped hole inside us that only he can fill. Unfortunately, we also start off, not knowing him and with a broken relationship that prevents us doing so. This is often the ultimate reason why we feel a sense of emptiness or even of guilt and why many search in vain for real meaning to life.

Left to ourselves, we can never find God. There is a common idea that by doing various things like, going to church or helping other people we can somehow repair the broken relationship with God, but there is no DIY way to God and many have been very frustrated through trying. However, God himself has provided a way through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ. He willingly came to this earth, to live a perfect life, to be punished on the cross and to die in the place of all who would trust in him. We remember this especially at each Easter.

We have rightly become sceptical about offers of something for nothing from the commercial world and it can be hard to accept that the only way to God is entirely free.

God has revealed much about himself, how we should live, our great need of him and the only way to him. He has done this through the Bible. This is God’s book. If we leave behind our preconceived ideas and study it with an open mind, he is able to speak to us through it.

In our Church there are many people from widely different backgrounds, some with a religious upbringing and others quite the opposite. Yet we have proved that the above is true and have found that life has real meaning through faith in Jesus. Knowing God gives us real purpose in this life and a hope for the future. This includes a confidence that even death cannot separate us from God’s love, but will bring us into his immediate presence. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about, separation from him for ever and punishment for all our wrong doing, including our rejection of the only way to him provided at such personal cost.

We meet together to express our love to God, to learn more about him and to seek his help in living the way he intends. The Bible helps us see the world from Gods perspective. We also want to help others to enjoy the same kindness from God that we experience.

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If you would like to find out more, without any obligation, we can provide free literature or the free loan of a video, if you indicate this on your e-mail.

Another option is to consider attending a Christianity Explained Course. This is a course of six sessions run as a small informal group, with practical arrangements to suit those involved. It runs through the basics of Christianity without any assumption of prior knowledge. Care is taken not to embarrass or pressurise anyone. If this might be relevant to you, please indicate your possible interest, without any final commitment, via e-mail.

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